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C is for Cookie

February 13, 2015

Hi. My name is Jen and I like cookies. A lot. I don’t think I’ve ever met a cookie that I couldn’t be friends with. Cookies are especially awesome with a big glass of milk. Unfortunately, milk wreaks havoc on my system, unless I’m pregnant. No, I’m not pregnant but with both pregnancies I could enjoy milk without consequence. Alas, as previously stated, I am not pregnant and as such milk is off the table.

Moving on, since the title of this post is “C is for Cookie” not “M is for Milk”. Cookies! My favorite dessert is Pizookie. It’s essentially Cookie A La Mode, with the cookie fresh and warm from the oven. Jake’s Mom made Pizookie for my birthday and it was awesome.

Even though he has reached the ripe old age of 4 months, Grayson is still nursing. Shocking, I know. We supplement with formula as needed but I try to do what I can, within reason, to make as much milk as possible. What does this have to do with cookies? Well, it turns out that certain foods aid milk production and you can make convenient little snacks that include these items. You guessed it! Cookies!!!

The recipe I use is for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies flax seed and Brewers yeast. They’re actually pretty good as evidenced by the fact that I ate half a dozen in one sitting. My brain went “cookies!! And they’re healthy!!! And I HAVE to eat them. For Grayson!” This is how I got down to my pre-baby weight only to gain 7 pounds right back. I’ve had to moderate my intake of my healthy, milk-aiding cookies.

Why yes, I will eat cookies to feed my son. Parenting is about sacrifice.

I’ve been making and eating these cookies for a couple months now and you might be curious what prompted this blog post now? Well, that’s a great question!

The other day, we were just getting home from the farm just after midnight. Less than a block from our house, an SUV passed us going the other direction and it had a roof sign like pizza delivery cars sometimes do. I only got a quick glance at it but I was pretty sure it said cookie. In fact, I turned to Jake, as we pulled into the driveway, and said “did that car say cookie?!” He was slightly confused because he was busy paying attention to things that mattered but he quickly processed the new information, put the car in reverse and started after the cookie car. We didn’t know which way it went, so we made a couple of guesses and pretty soon crossed paths again with the elusive car. I confirmed that its hat really DID say cookie! It also had a phone number, which I googled as Jake turned around to head back home.

It’s called Insomnia Cookies and they deliver warm cookies to your home between the hours of midnight and 3am. How have I never known about this?!?!? I was chatting to Jake about this place as we pulled into our driveway when the light bulb finally turned on. Their store hours are 11:30 to 3am. Their store is downtown, which isn’t far from us and it was 12:30am. Jake sighed and shook his head as he is quite used to me having these flashes of brilliance AFTER we have passed the appropriate turn, or in this case, after we were already back home.

Still, he’s awesome and put the car back in reverse and we were off on the cookie hunt again! The store was easy to find and for less than $3, I had 2 decent sized, warm, delicious cookies.


The guy behind the counter very helpfully told me that they deliver to our neighborhood all the time and gave me a menu. They also have an app where you can build up loyalty points. This could definitely be bad for not only my waistband but also my wallet.

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