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A Tale of Two Blankets

August 3, 2015

I know, I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this. SHH! I have a story to tell you, or maybe a confession is a better way to describe it. To start, we have to go back to the beginning when times were simple and dye stayed where it was supposed to.

Last year, I spent months browsing yarns and colors to find just the right combination to make a blanket for Grayson. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted (nautical) and I’d ask for Jake’s opinion on colors. He’d give me his opinion, I’d growl at him when inevitably his opinion didn’t match mine (hey…is this why Grayson growls all the time?!). So we went round and round until I found something and I was off! I had a plan, knit the blanket and it was great. I loved it. Here is a picture of Annabelle using it.

Didn’t it look great?

Well right before Grayson was born, I went on a nesting spree and washed all the blankets, including this one. The blue bled all over everything, even Annabelle’s blanket that I made before she was born. I was beyond upset. Both blankets looked awful, although Grayson’s was definitely worse. I texted my friend Sabrina, who is amazing and awesome and owns a yarn company, but sadly she did not have a magic trick to go back in time and undo it. I went to bed that night heartbroken.

The next morning I woke up in labor. So there you have it ladies. The key to bringing on labor is to work tirelessly for months on a carefully planned project for your new addition and then when you’re 39 weeks & 5 days along, royally mess it up. You’ll be in labor the next day. You’re welcome.

In the weeks after Grayson was born, I bought some dye remover with the hope of getting Annabelle’s blanket back to what it was. I was successful in removing the dye that bled, but unfortunately, I also removed a good portion of the original dye. So her blanket is now a sad, faded, pilly version of its former self. However, it’s not THAT bad and Jake talked me out of over dyeing this one. I’m still planning to knit her another blanket one of these days.

I can’t fix the faded colors, but I recently bought a pill shaver and wow! It already looks so much better than this picture.

Now we get to Grayson’s blanket. I knew there wasn’t any way to save it, other than to over-dye it. So I bought some dye remover and removed all of the dye I could, then bought black dye, with the hope that it would come out in different shades from gray to black. That didn’t really work either. It’s now a dark, gray-ish blue. Apparently my black dye was actually blue-black. It’s fine, but not great. Jake thinks I should try dyeing it again but honestly, I’m just done with it. It’s fine and Grayson can use it so whatever.

Grayson’s blanket today. Really. I had to carefully sneak it out from under him to take this picture. He doesn’t take kindly to being woken up, so it’s good thing he was sound asleep.

As far as time goes, the original disaster happened on September 27th, and I just finished the over-dye a few weeks ago. It took me a long time to even be able to look at the blanket.

The whole thing was extremely disheartening. After that fiasco, I did do quite a bit of holiday knitting but after that was completed; I didn’t really have any other projects lined up. I started a project but I really wasn’t feeling it. So I took a break from knitting and started working on a Bucilla Christmas stocking kit. That was over 6 months ago.

Santa is headless and the horse is bald. Jake thinks I should leave Santa headless so it can be a creepy Christmas stocking.

You read that right.6 months with no knitting. We’ve gone on trips here and there, including a big trip to Portland OR and you know what? I didn’t even research local yarn shops. I have a cabinet full of yarn that’s just a pretty decoration and it has sat completely untouched.

Then, fate stepped in. On our way back from Portland, OR, we stayed one night just outside of Bozeman, Montana. Through the magic of social media, I discovered that the one and only Sabrina was also staying the night just outside of Bozeman!! What are the odds?!? Of course, we had to meet up for coffee the next day and Sabrina chose a coffee shop based on the their reputation for very strong coffee. We had been there a few minutes when Sabrina got there and after the hellos and how-are-yous, she said “Did you see there’s a yarn store next door?”  See that? I was right next door to a yarn shop AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT.  We chatted for a bit, and I told Sabrina my sad story about Grayson’s blanket and how I finally got around to overdyeing it but it really seemed to kill my knitting mojo. She understood and was sympathetic to my problem. She also let Grayson chew on her one of projects and apparently For Better or Worsted is a great yarn to chew on. Who knew? Then before we hit the road, Sabrina and I decided we had to see this yarn shop.

Oh my. It is an amazing yarn store. Seriously, if you like yarn and are ever in Bozeman, MT, you HAVE to check out Yarn Scout. We browsed through for a few minutes when Sabrina decided to introduce her and give them some of her materials (business card, etc).  She introduced herself to the cashier who had heard of her! Even better, the owner was in the store and had time to meet with Sabrina right then! It was amazing watching Sabrina work and now Yarn Scout carries Anzula!

I left Bozeman with an awesome new knitting bag filled with enough For Better or Worsted to make Grayson a new blanket, but probably the best thing I got from Bozeman was my knitting mojo. Talking with Sabrina and visiting the amazing yarn shop was just what I needed. For the first time in a long time, I wanted to knit and couldn’t wait to break into a skein of yarn and get started. Thank you Sabrina for the wonderful gifts, being a great friend and helping me get over my heartbreak and back to knitting! We need to meet up in random cities more often!

The bag was calling to me. I HAD to buy it. There was really no other option.

And it’s now full of awesomeness.

Unfortunately for the Christmas stocking project, it has been shelved for a little bit because I jumped back into knitting. I wanted something fast and easy to get some momentum going and it only seemed right that it would be with Anzula yarn. So here is a hexipuff made with Anzula’s Squishy in 1 Red Shoe. I love 1 Red Shoe. It’s quite possibly the most perfect red on the planet. I only need about 300 more and I might have a lap blanket.

Hexipuff #51. I’m actually up to 55 now.

Then I bought some yarn and cast on a special project for a special kiddo.

Pink Alpaca laceweight…what could it be?!

This project required casting on 180 stitches. The only thing worse than binding off a boatload of stitches, is casting on a boatload of stitches.

Next time, I’ll fill you in on the rest of our road trip from the wedding to Yellowstone to De Smet and everywhere in between.

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