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More Narrative

September 4, 2015

My brother was very disappointed that my last post had very little narrative, or really, any narrative. So in honor of his birthday, we have narrative.  I’m also experimenting with writing this post in an iPad app. Here we go!

I started a new job last week and have spent some time in Kansas City, including wandering around near our hotel. It was an interesting area, where Forever 21 and H&M are neighbors to Kate Spade and Burberry.   

And then there are the fountains. KC has lots of them.  

 Is it just me, or does it seem like these two are having a really bad day?
This fountain was dyed yellow for Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Cool idea but yellow isn’t a great color for a fountain. It just isn’t.

 Yeah, I’m still not a fan, but you know it got us talking about it. So in that respect, they’ve succeeded. 

 Look! He’s getting trampled by a horse but still managed to catch the tennis ball! That’s talent.  

We also discovered this cool little doggie bar too.

And it has a webcam! 

I keep wanting to log in and watch. Maybe this weekend.

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