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Exercise. And Creepy-ness. Creepy Exercise.

September 20, 2015
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I could come up with a lot of adjectives to describe how I feel about exercise and none of them would be very nice. Still, the benefits are undeniable. Someone needs to invent a way to get all those same benefits by sitting on the couch, eating chocolate chip cookies and watching NCIS. Sadly, until then, exercise it is.

5 years ago yesterday, I completed my first (and only) triathlon. You can read the race recap here. The short version is that it was ugly. I didn’t think I was going to make it through the swim, but I did…barely. Then my blood sugar crashed about halfway through the bike ride so I had to pull over and eat some energy chews. I didn’t come in absolute dead last, but I was close. Seriously, I think there might have been 1 or 2 people to come in after me. Still, it’s one of the races that I’m most proud of because I didn’t quit.

Plus, they gave me this awesome duck that says “AFLAC!” and who doesn’t love a stuffed animal?

Fast forward to today. I’ve been busy being pregnant, having babies, moving across the country, changing jobs, etc and well, exercise hasn’t been a priority. This has had the unfortunate effect of my clothes not fitting and I’m way too cheap to keep buying new ones. So I decided to get back into shape, starting with running. I even signed up for a 5k! It seemed like a long way off and now it’s two weeks away. I discovered a long time ago that I need a looming event to stay motivated with exercise. Basically, if I paid the entry fee, I’m too cheap to NOT show up at that starting line and since I prefer to make it across the finish line still alive, training becomes necessary.

I also got a Fitbit! Last Christmas or birthday or something, we bought Jake a Fitbit that counts his steps. At the time, I wondered if it was a good idea because Jake already likes to find the most remote, isolated parking spot and park in it. The FitBit only made the problem worse because then he was trying to get as many steps as possible. Then, when I decided to start exercising, I knew that I would need to come up with ways to incorporate being active into normal activities so I bought myself a FitBit. Suddenly, I didn’t mind the remote parking spots! Unless it’s creepy. Jake doesn’t have a very good barometer to determine whether or not something is creepy, so there are a lot of times (especially on trips) that I have to say “No. I am not going into that run down, isolated, gas station with only two dimly lit outdoor lights because HAVEN’T YOU EVER SEEN A HORROR MOVIE?! OMG!!” We’re working on it.

Speaking of creepy, I went running the other night with just Piper. I generally run the perimeter of the college that’s across the street from us. Side note – nothing really makes you feel more out of shape than huffing and puffing around a college campus while the college student runners are gliding along effortlessly. So Piper and I are moseying along and well…there was a creepy incident. Incident might be too strong, moment perhaps? It’s hard to explain so let’s go with moment. There was a creepy moment when I thought I was about to abducted, murdered and chopped into little pieces. I sprinted away (ha! or shuffled slightly faster), cut across the middle of campus and home. My run was cut short but I was too creeped out to continue.

Not scary enough to deter creepy people…or maybe she DID deter him, because I was not, in fact, abducted, murdered or chopped into pieces.

Then yesterday. I had planned to go for a run but it got late and was dark. So Jake and the kids were going to go with me, but wouldn’t you know it? His phone rang and he had to work for a bit. By the time we got back, it was late and I didn’t want to disrupt the kids by getting them out of their car seats, into the stroller, go for a walk and then try to put them to bed. That’s way too much going on for 9:30 at night but I really needed to run! Did I mention this 5k is in TWO WEEKS?!

The solution: Jake followed me Rocky-style in the car, blasting Eye of the Tiger from the car radio. WINNING!

And I got new running shoes. Aren’t they pretty?

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