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It’s funny the things you remember

November 2, 2015

My dad is a trucker and has been for most of my life. When I was little, he’d always have candy for us when he got back from a run. The most common candy was tootsie pops, usually red. Then one day we asked why is it always red? Why not any of the other colors? So he let us choose and I picked blue, my brother picked orange and my sister stuck with red. From that day forward, he’d bring us our chosen color tootsie pop. FOR YEARS. I remember once thinking “Just because I picked blue one day doesn’t always mean I want blue!” but I stuck with my choice.

Now, whenever I come across that combination of tootsie pops it always makes me smile. And any time I eat an orange or red tootsie pop, I feel like I’ve stolen it from one of my siblings, which makes me smile even more.

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