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‘Twas the Day After Christmas

December 27, 2015

‘Twas the Day After Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The house, once clean and waiting for St. Nick,
had done a complete 180 in a cruel, cruel trick

It was a mess, a fright, such a disaster
I wished for a bulldozer to make cleanup go faster

The children were nestled in corners in timeout,
with their arms crossed defiantly and faces in a pout.

When Dad began lecturing on the importance of sharing
our children began scowling, not the least bit caring.

Toys lay discarded, making not a sound
for we discovered too late, there wasn’t a battery to be found

Then timeout was over and chaos began anew
With a fight over who gets the red ball and who gets the blue

As we tried in vain to  contain the mess
I began to wonder if we’d expire from the stress

I dreamt of a warm place with a drink in my hand
Hawaii, perhaps, on a beach of white sand

In a flash of brilliance, I stood up to declare
“That’s it, I’ve had it! It’s too much to bear.

Get your new bicycles and gloves and hats
It’s time to play outside, go bother the cats.”

As I opened to the door to give them a shove
There was a flash of light and crash from above

The rain came fast and completely drenched the lawn
my plan had been foiled, all hope was gone

Then from behind came a wonderful sound
It was a yawn from our youngest and I turned right around

I swooped him up in a hug and said with glee
“It’s time for a nap, my son!” but he did not agree

He cried and cried while his sister hid
Then I found her behind the couch “It’s nap time, kid”

We tucked them into bed and gave them a kiss
Then settled ourselves on couch for some quiet bliss

They had fought and fussed and complained to boot
After a morning like that, it’s a good thing they’re cute.


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  1. Christy Lussier permalink
    December 27, 2015 3:53 am

    Love it 🙂

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