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May the Fourth Be with You!

January 13, 2016

No, it’s not May 4th. Instead, it’s our 4th anniversary! And we’re going to see the new Star Wars tonight, so it the title seemed fitting.

Four years! I’m looking through our amazing wedding pictures and thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

All photos are from Brian Boos Photography.

The fine print says 12:06 pm, but we were there at 11:58 am. That was TWO WHOLE MINUTES before our appointment.

This is where Jake realized that he wasn’t supposed to answer “yes” after each line of for better or worse (yes), for richer or poorer (i do), in sickness and in health, but felt compelled to keep going that way.

Isn’t SF City Hall gorgeous?


Still don’t believe me?


What about now?


Alright, I’ll stop with City hall because otherwise I’ll post every picture we have.

After City Hall…we had lunch. Outside City Hall.

How brave was I to eat a hotdog with ketchup and mustard in my wedding dress when we still pictures to take?! Actually, I was just starving and the pictures would have certainly take a turn for the worse if I wasn’t fed. Hangry isn’t pretty, people.

My mom loved carousels, so we made a point to go to Pier 39 and ride the carousel. It was awesome! We were the only ones so they let us ride a bunch of times.

The photographer told us to kiss and we missed.  And wow. I just noticed that my horse looks crazy pants.

We also drove down Lombard Street, visited the Palace of Fine Arts, the Presidio and Baker Beach.


There’s probably a rule against climbing up on those things.

Well that’s it for this trip down memory lane! It’s been one adventure after another and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 4 years and many more to come!


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