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Annabelle is 3!!

April 8, 2016

Annabelle is 3 today!! Let’s just let that sink in a moment.


So what has Miss Annabelle been up to lately? Well, she takes dance lessons every Friday. She goes to classes with a local homeschool preschool co-op. She loves playing on her Leappad. She can count to 19 and identify all her letters. She likes to watch us cook and play her tea set.

Oh and sometimes she insists on wearing her coat backwards.

She’s also had a language explosion lately, including learning the terms “don’t wanna” and “I don’t like it.” It was like all of a sudden Bam! She speaks English! Which is really weird for me. When she was born, it was like I kept waiting for her to speak and tell me what she wanted but obviously she couldn’t. I spent 2.5 years  getting used to the fact that she doesn’t speak English and then now, she does!!


Grayson had it much easier. I’d already gotten accustomed to the fact that babies don’t speak a language I can understand. Except now, Annabelle will say something and I’ll turn to Grayson and he says “Na!!” for everything. I think it’s his way of asking “what’s that?” He will occasionally bust out all gone or thank you and the other day he said blanket but then you try to get him to say it again and he’s back to “Na!” Today, he even said Piper 3 or 4 times in a row! Then not again.

The poor guy has had a lot on his mind though. He recently started walking! Although it’s still touch and go. He walked on camera and then we all got sick and our living room has been a disaster and so it’s been more cruising and practicing standing independently than actual walking. But he did it! He’s also got every tooth in his head pushing to emerge right now. RIGHT NOW. This second. It’s painful for all of us.


Speaking of painful, Grayson’s favorite activity is to stand in the corner of this crib  and then throw himself face first onto his mattress. It’s like baby WWF wrestling solo version. Then he laughs and grins and gets back up to do it again. I don’t think this bodes well for my future anxiety levels. I can see a lot of No! NOOOO!! Do not jump out of that tree! NOOooo. *sigh* well…are you hurt?
Note to self – Start putting more money in the Health Savings Account.

Anyway, back to the birthday girl!!

She likes chocolate milk, cake, cookies, pancakes, and pretty much anything sweet. Her birthday dinner will be pancakes. Her favorite TV shows are Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. Yes, we like our Disney Junior in this house.


Oh and since we’re on the topic of Disney. Annabelle wears Pull-ups during car trips, naps and at night. We had a big box of pullups featuring Doc McStuffins and so we’d constantly remind her to “Keep Doc dry.” Then we ran out and had to get more. Jake tried to place the Doc box in our cart at Sam’s but it was too late. Annabelle had spotted the boy pullups featuring Jake and the Neverland Pirates (aka Bucky). A fit ensued and we decided how different can they really be? So she’s been happily wearing Bucky pullups.  The problem is that she’s moved away from calling all of the characters Bucky, and now refers to them by name. The show itself is still Bucky though. She will tell us that “Jake is all wet” and we talk about how she has to keep Jake dry. Last night, we were getting ready for a bath and she was wearing regular underwear but still referring to them as Jake. Needless to say, the real Jake isn’t all that thrilled that he’s now synonymous with underwear.

Now back to the topic of her birthday. My sister sent me a text today that said she’s mailing out Annabelle’s birthday presents along with a couple things for me. I responded with “Yay! I get presents too!” And then it occurred me. Why SHOULDN’T I get presents too?! I was the one in labor all night on my hands and knees worried every time her heart rate dropped. I was the one cut open for major surgery. What about me?! My sister quite agreed with my assessment and we’ve determined that from now on when we send birthday presents for the kids, we’ll also include something for each other. Current ideas include gift cards to the liquor store or fast food places. I also predict that crafting supplies will also be on the table. There. Society’s oversight has been rectified, at least for us. That’s what sisters are for.

and with that – Happy 3rd Birthday, Annabelle!



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  1. Carol permalink
    May 12, 2016 4:16 am

    I love love love to get these…They are so precious thanks

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