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What day is it?

June 8, 2016

I’m just finishing up a crazy, whirlwind 3 months of illness, travel and work. All the days are blurring together. In fact, I woke up the other day SO THANKFUL that it was Saturday. Then realized it was actually Friday and I was late for work. DOH! Sigh. So let’s do a quick rundown of February through May.

Illness – We’ve all had colds, Jake has allergies and Grayson and I were the lucky ones to also get a stomach virus! Thankfully, that virus was only a 24 hour bug but wow. That 24 hours was brutal.  I was starting to ponder if life was worth that much trouble, that I’d had a good life, there’s life insurance for the kids and maybe it was time to give up the ghost. I’m still traumatized.

Travel – I went to California on a volunteer trip to  help a neighborhood determine the best solution for their contaminated drinking water. And while I was there, I also went to a baby shower and caught a Giants game, including eating some real SF sourdough. Oh man, do I miss real SF sourdough. I also spent a week in Jefferson City, which is not nearly as exciting as going to SF. They also don’t have any SF sourdough. Maybe that’s Jeff City’s problem; if they had SF sourdough, it would be a much more hip and happening place. I should submit that to the city planners as a suggestion.  Then I went to Columbia for a 5k. Columbia also suffers from a lack of SF sourdough but is definitely more trendy than Jeff City. Still, SF sourdough can only improve a city’s image. I will suggest this to Columbia’s city planners as well.

Work – Work has been insanely busy, but it’s finally slowing down a touch this week. YAY! I was starting to think my kids had forgotten what I look like. Anytime I’m at home, Annabelle says “Mom! You’re home?!” all incredulous. Yes I’m home! It’s amazing isn’t it! She will also pack up her bag and announce that she’s going to work and march off into her bedroom. Then she comes back a few minutes later. I wish I could get all of my work done in just a few minutes. Clearly, I have some things to learn from her in terms of efficiency.

So what else? I lost my pink Fitbit Zip somewhere between my hotel room and the KC airport security line. Annabelle has yet to let me forget it. “Mom! You lost Pink! But you have Green.”  Green is my new Fitbit Zip that was my Mother’s Day present. Annabelle hid Green from me for an entire day before we found it. We tore the whole house apart looking for it and it still took us over 12 hours to find it. She’s a sneaky one.

Not to be outdone, Grayson recently hid our remote control. It was our only way to control the TV and I had two episodes of NCIS to watch. You can imagine my level of distress. After tearing the house apart (again!) to no avail, I discovered that Roku has an app that lets you use your phone as a remote. WINNING! Jake found the real remote the next day. In the package of Gatorade bottles. Because that makes sense. He discovered it when he moved the box of Gatorade and the TV turned on.

I’m telling you, life with small children is just weird. We’ve found ourselves having the oddest conversations.

Me to Grayson: Dude. Your face is not a brake. Quit using it to stop yourself.
Grayson: Nah!

Annabelle to me: Mom! You lost car?
Me: What? No. I didn’t lose my car. It’s at work.
Annabelle: You lost car at work?
Me: It’s not lost. I know where it is.
Annabelle: You lost car?
Me: Yes. I lost my car. We’ll find it tomorrow when Dad drops me off at work.
*next day*
Annabelle: Ma! You find car!!
Me: Yep. Found my car. Exactly where I left it.

Speaking of losing cars, I had a moment of sheer panic when after flying back to KC and sitting on the bus to take me back to the parking lot I realized something horrible.  I had absolutely no idea where I parked my car. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I knew I was in Lot B. That’s it. The driver must have sensed my panic because he chose that moment to look up and say “So where do I drop you?” and I had no choice but to say “I have no idea.” He dropped me off at one of the little bus stations and told a number to dial on their phone if I couldn’t find my car. I walked up and down this aisles for 45 minutes before I found my car. Driving a white Escape that looks like every other white SUV/Crossover has really inconvenient sometimes.

Jake to me (via text): Do you want pancakes for dinner?
Me: PANCAKES!! Pancakes pancakes pancakes. Might come home early for pancakes.
Jake: That’s a no then?
Me: No. No pancakes for me.
Jake: What time? Kids are stirring from their naps.
Me: All motion is relative.
Jake: See you at 4:30.

And now I gotta go. I have 15 minutes to get home and eat some pancakes.


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  1. Carolyn Thomas permalink
    June 8, 2016 9:35 pm

    Love it. Is today the pancakes day?

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