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Who you calling Dopey?!

March 28, 2017

It’s my blog!! I haven’t updated this thing in forever!!  SO. What’s new in MO? Lots probably. Apparently there were tornadoes a couple weeks (months?) ago. I found out when my Grandma called me in an almost panic the next morning and wanted to make sure we were okay.  Yes, we’re fine. The tornado was about 4 hours away from us.

Now the real reason I’m writing this post. I’m conquering an item on my Bucket List! After wanting for YEARS to complete the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge at Disneyworld (Half marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday) and get 3 medals, I’ve signed up the Dopey Challenge in January of 2018. What is the Dopey Challenge you ask? Well it’s basically the Goofy Challenge…plus a 5K on Thursday and a 10K on Friday for a grand total of SIX medals!! Three medals from the Goofy Challenge, one each from the 5K and 10K and one more for being awesome/stupid enough do all 4 on consecutive days.


Now, I’m planning to run the 5K and 10K, but the Half and Full Marathons will be a run/power-walk combo. As long as I finish under the time limit (3.5 hours and 7 hours, respectively), then I’ll be happy. Well and not die. Not dying is always at the top of the list of goals for any particular race. And my brother has informed me that dying is not a valid excuse to miss his wedding. I thinking being made into a centerpiece would really kill the festive mood of any wedding, so it’s probably best for everyone if I just survive this trip.

When I started looking at the logistics of these races, even if I just went down for the races and came home, I’d be gone for almost a week. I decided that was too long to be away from Jake and the kids, especially when I’d be at Disneyworld! So they’re coming too and we’re making it into a Disney vacation!! Now, we’re only spending 3 days (I’m trying to convince Jake we need a 4th…) at the Disney parks, which my brother has already informed me is unacceptable. I told him this will be a mini preview of Disney parks for the kids. Then in another year or two, Disneyland. Then another year or two after that, back to WDW. Poor Jake. He thought this trip would cross WDW off our destination list for good. Hahaha…no. But he’s actually excited for the trip because we’re driving the 16 hours from here to Orlando.

So that’s the big news! We’ve got our vacation booked and now just have to wait. Oh and train. Lots of training.

We’ve already started training, actually. Who is this “we”, you ask? Well I’ve actually talked a good friend into doing this crazy thing with me, because it’s not enough to be crazy solo. We’ve been power walking each week to prep for a half marathon in April. It will be my first half is my last Disneyland Half Marathon in 2007.

Also in preparation for our trip, we have started introducing the kids to Disney Classics. They’ve very familiar with Disney Junior (Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Sofia & Doc McStuffins), and Annabelle is a fan of Elsa, but they haven’t seen Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Snow White, etc. Some of these movies are hard to track down!

We started with Sword in the Stone. The kids both liked it. Jake was amused at the presence of a massive sturgeon that tried to eat Arthur when he was a fish in the moat. I was amused that Jake could identify the fish, which led to googling and discovery that it’s actually NOT a sturgeon. It’s a pike. So there you go. If it’s ever a question on Jeopardy, you now know that the fish that tries to eat Arthur is a pike.


Speaking of Jake, we recently downloaded the Life360 App at the recommendation of a coworker. It lets us see where the other one is. Or really, where the other one’s phone is. It might seem like something that’s only really needed for keeping track of tweens and teenagers but Jake is on-call most weekend nights and I’ll wake up and wonder if he’s home. Really, I just worry about him and whether or not he can go tend to the crying child in the next room or if I have to drag my lazy hide out of bed and do it. It works great, except for one thing. He can see my location AND the battery level of my phone. I now get texts throughout the day telling me to charge my phone. It’s like if my car texted him every time I got below a 1/4 tank. Actually, that could be awesome because he might take pity on me and put gas in it. Hmm….someone needs to get on this.

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